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Facilitation & collaboration services

help foster productive discussion, build consensus, and drive actions plans to achieve your goals.

Is your group or team struggling to reach alignment? Do individuals lack investment in the work at hand? Is the group struggling to collaborate due to partisan perceptions? Are you tasked with unifying various parties around one aligned charter? Solutions built together create a stronger sense of commitment and higher likelihood for long term success. We can help.

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Rudder Graphics (9).png

Nearly 80 percent of the senior executives surveyed said that effective coordination across functional and geographic lines was crucial for success.


Only 25 percent of the respondents described their organizations as “effective” at sharing knowledge across boundaries. 

Source: McKinsey Company, 2015

Facilitation & Collaboration Services

Our facilitation approach uses several methods to listen, diagnose, and focus to draw out innovative thinking in a non-confrontational way.   These energizing sessions will have participants committed to working together on shared goals, producing tangible results almost instantly.


Let your organization benefit from our experience in consensus building, focused conversations and action planning.

We can help you:

Facilitate team alignment sessions

Implement brainstorming and consensus workshops

Host multi-party collaboration summits

Ready to get started?

Contact Rudder for a complimentary review of your group challenges.

Kristine is collaborative in dealing with Fairview Board Members and articulate in her presentation of ideas.
I highly recommend her!

Chairman, Fairview Board

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