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Governance & Board Development
High functioning governance structures allow your teams to focus on delivering value that aligns with your mission.

Are your board members adequately engaged? Do some lack connection with your mission or the daily work of your organization? Perhaps your board is spending too much time on tactical issues, taking away time and attention away from strategy and oversight. Or maybe politics are overshadowing diverse talents and perspectives. We can help.

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Rudder Graphics (8).png

A survey of over 800 non-profit boards found only 1 in 5 Executive Directors strongly agreed that the majority of board members are engaged.


Additionally, only 60% of board members answer positively on understanding their board roles
and responsibilities. 

Source: BoardSource, January 2015

Governance & Board Development

Organizations need high functioning governance structures to be successful. Whether at the board or leadership level, lack of alignment around common goals and governing practices results in flawed decision making and organizational dysfunction. Additionally, leadership talents are stifled.


Partner with Rudder to develop governance practices that enable employees at every level of the organization to focus on implementing the organizational mission. Unlike other models, Rudder will work collaboratively with your governance group to create customized solutions that achieve your desired outcome and fit within your organizational culture.

We can help you:

Complete board assessments and create development plans

Facilitate board alignment sessions and retreats

Drive member orientation planning

Assess governance and design

Ready to get started?

Contact Rudder for a complimentary review of your group challenges.

Kristine is collaborative in dealing with Fairview Board Members and articulate in her presentation of ideas.
I highly recommend her!

Chairman, Fairview Board

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